Duometal s.r.o.
Hvozdenská 267
763 11 Zlín - Lůžkovice
Česká republika
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Mobil:  +420 777 873 993

Processing of stainless steel

Manufacture and assembly of rails incl. combination with glass, handles, tourniquets, roll bars, food industry products, fittings, tanks, containers, furniture design, doors, tubs, tables, gates, columns and wall tiles ....



CO2 welding, oxygen gas, cutting, bending, pressing, machining, cutting, metal finishing, sheet metal ... ..




Construction metalwork

Production of doors, steel windows, steel walls, railings, shop, trade and partition walls, stairs, walkways can be walked, guards ... ..



Production of steel structures

Steel columns, pillars, beams, bracing, bracing, structural weldments and components, brackets, consoles, truss ...



Production needs for breeders and agriculture

Production of fences, of racks, boxes, stables, sheds etc., including atypical sizes according to customer requirements.