Duometal s.r.o.
Hvozdenská 267
763 11 Zlín - Lůžkovice
Česká republika
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Mobil:  +420 777 873 993


Processing of stainless steel

Manufacture and assembly of rails incl. combination with glass, handles, tourniquets, roll bars, food industry products, fittings, tanks, containers, furniture design, nástřešky, doors, tubs, tables, gates, columns and wall tiles ...



CO2 welding, oxygen gas, cutting, bending, pressing, machining, cutting, metal finishing, sheet metal ...


Construction metalwork

Production of doors, steel windows, steel walls, railings, shop, trade, and partition walls, stairs, walkways can be walked, guards ...


Production of steel structures

Steel columns, pillars, beams, bracing, bracing, structural weldments and components, brackets, consoles, truss ...




Basic information


The Duometal company was founded by the czech natural person without a state or foreign capital.

Business name:
Legal form:


The company management
František Michálek

Limited liability company
Hvozdenská 267, Zlín - Lůžkovice


Managing director / Business and contracts department


The production program

We are interested in the following branches and spheres of engineering and construction :

- Production of stainless steel components, modules and finished products
  for interior and exterior
- Steel structures for civil and industrial construction
- Production of locksmiths and mounts
- Metal with a focus on co-operation, repair, rehabilitation and
  performance reconstruction of machinery and equipment

The company manufactures diverse range of products to order in small batches according to the delivered customer documentation, or consult with the customer according to their own proposals so that the production was effective.


The focus of activities

We are focused on business in the following activities:

- The delivery program
- Construction and installation activities
- Completion activity
- Engineering
- Business
- Providing and brokering activities related to business activities
- Technology transfer
- KNOW-HOW aplication
- Subcontracting in the implementation of civil and industrial
  construction and civil engineering construction
- Assistance activities (agency agreement)

Own work

The company provides its business activities and intentions of its capacity using mostly employees. Capacity needs created by the production and delivery of programs operational increases.


These capacities are established for the purpose of:
- production (ex-factory operation rate of 1-2)
- serial production
- cooperation
- custom production
- the external assembly
- supply and installation of turnkey
- assembly of final products to order
- Subcontracts locksmith products for construction,
  including installation of PSF


The company has a vehicle for external mounting and trucks for national transport.

Campus Community Center Mladcová allows the use of industrial space, loading and unloading of materials and finished products. In the center of the communication vehicle is strong enough parking for all vehicles, including vehicles, truck transportation.